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When God gave the children of Israel the law, He also established the priesthood. When He called the children of Israel out of Egypt, He had an idea of what He wanted them to be like. Exodus 19:5-6

God wanted them to be Him a kingdom of priest; men, women, old and young. But we also know that God established the priesthood to minister to this kingdom of priests [Exodus 28:29]. Unfortunately, they did not come up to become priest because they broke the law and the covenant several times.

Malachi 2:7

Leviticus 10:11

To be the messenger of the Lord meant that the priest had to know the word of God, which at that time was the law. The Auromic priesthood was established to minister in things pertaining to God.

The responsibility of this priesthood was first of God, and then to the people. The priests were therefore to teach the people the word of God and also offer gifts and sacrifices [Hebrews 8:3a]


The children of Israel did not become a kingdom of priests, and several times in the old Testament, God spoke through His prophets of a kingdom of people that would be to Him the kingdom of priests He planned for originally. Isaiah 61:1-3

We know from the scriptures that Israel as a nation was never called the kingdom of trees of righteousness up until the time the old covenant was abolished, because they did not walk in the law as they were supposed. So [Isaiah 61:1-3] has a direct application to the church.

Isaiah 61:4-6. Also read

Isaiah 2:2-2

Isaiah 2:3

Isaiah 8:18

Out of Zion shall go forth the law and the children of Zion are for signs and wonders.

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