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details of Jehoshaphat in the bible


[2 Corinthians 20:1-4]

In this time of the history of Israelites, their kingdom is divided into two nations: Judah and Israel, but they were all Israelites. At this time Jehoshaphat was the King of Judah, and three kings rose up together against him.

When he heard, the first step he took was to set him to seek the Lord. [1Chromicles 20:3]. He prayed to God.

2chromicles 20:11-13

Immediately, God answered their prayers and spoke through one of the members of the congregation.

2 Chronicles 20:14-17. Verse 18:19 Exodus 15:3

2 Chronicles 20:20-25

Jehoshaphat got his army together and put singers ahead of them, so what were God’s strategies for this fight of faith. He told them:

1.       Believe in God and you shall be established [Verse 20]

2.       Believe His prophets and you shall prosper [Verse 20]

3.       Go! they were to take a step of faith, and they went.


God told king Jehoshaphat who is a man of the old covenant, that he is not supposed to fight this battle, how many more of us who are found in the new covenant that the Bible says I established upon better promises [Hebrews 8:6]

Joshua 13:1-7

This means that Joshua did not give the people all the promised Land. He took them in, but they did not get it all. Obadiah 17:21 brings out another important point, because when the Bible talks about Zion, it refers to the church, showing that the promised land was far beyond what Israel alone could possess.

Hebrew 4:7-10 psalm 95:7-8 verse 8 of Hebrews 4 is not referring to Jesus Christ but Joshua. The Greek rendering of Joshua is Jesus. He said if back in the Old Testament, Joshua actually gave the people rest, God would not have talked about another rest coming, read verse 10.


We need to understand properly our warfare in Zion. Ours is a battle that has been won already. In Zion, we don’t have to fight like those who are not sure of the outcomes.

We have come into the rest of God, and we are reigning with a mission to ensure that the kingdom of God expands. 2Corinthians 10:3-5

In this scripture, the Bible didn’t say that we should cast down demons like a lot of people thought but we are charged to cast down theories and doctrines of men.

The strongholds we have to pull down our thoughts and theories of men that are not aligned with the gospel of Christ.


Mark 6:1-5

These people had their own ideas; they thought they knew Him that was why they did not believe Him. And because they did not believe Him, He could not perform mighty works there.

It is the same thing today, if the minds of folks are filled with the wrong ideas and they don’t really know God’s word, they can’t walk by it and receive victories through it.

That is why a lot of Christians are still walking in defeat today. How did Jesus deal with their unbelief, Mark 6:6

By His teaching, Jesus destroyed those unbelieving ideas they had, and great miracles began to happen and the teaching of the word God cripples the forces of unbelief, fear and doubt. That is the way to pull down the stronghold.


Ephesus was a city that was wholly given to idol worship. Of his experience at Ephesus, Paul said …”I have fought with beasts at Ephesus”.. [Corinthians 15:32]

How did he fight with beasts? Was he referring to bulls, some ugly animals or was he referring to demons? Not really, because we don’t read of him fighting like this anywhere in the scriptures.

The fights he fought have to do with doctrines of men that sought to keep men in bondage. The word of God grew and prevailed in Ephesus so much that their magicians brought out their costly occult materials to be burnt.

Acts 19:18-20

So Paul fought and prevailed in Ephesus by teaching the word of God when you teach the word of God, the minds of the people can be renewed, they are transformed in the Spirits of their minds. They can then serve God the way they ought to, and live a life of constant victory.


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