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God called Abraham to go into a city he would show him. Abraham obeyed and actually got their but the Bible says when Abraham sojourned in the land of promise he still look for a city [Hebrews 11: 8-10] so where is the promise land?

If Papa Abraham sojourned in the land of promise [Canaan] and still look for another promise land meaning Canaan is not the Promised Land.


So if Canaan was not the Promised Land, what was it then since the children of Israel looked forward to it as their promise land? Also God referred to it several times as the land of promise, which flowed with milk and honey.

For the children of Israel in the Old Testament, Canaan was the land of promise, the land of their inheritance. But it would do us good to always remember that Israel is also referred to in the Bible as the “Church in the wilderness” [Acts 7:38] meaning that Israel in the old Testament was a type of the church of Christ to come, which we are.

We are the spiritual Israel, and the physical Israel came to typify the spiritual. Therefore, the whole story of Israel from Abraham, to Isaac and Jacob, and unto the patriarchs; from their movement to Egypt, and Exodus from Egypt towards Canaan is an allegory, glory to God. This also implies that their promised land is at allegory of the real one.

Hebrews 12:18-21

This is talking about Mount Sinai, where the children of Israel came to worship God, The sight was very terrible that Even Moses, the leader said “I exceedingly fear and quake it was indeed a sight to behold. Read Exodus 19:16-19 and Exodus 20:18-26.

You see God presented himself to them in a different way; a terrifying way of Canaan. But for us in the New Testament it is completely different story altogether read Hebrews 12:22-24. Glory to god we have finally arrived into that city that all those men in Hebrews 11 are looking for. Read Hebrews 11:13-16


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