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God wanted to prove Abraham, and said to him [Genesis 22:2] to sacrifice Isaac to Him.

It is possible for God to test you, though He will never tempt anyone with evil [James 1:13].

Now Abraham obeyed God but on the process of sacrifice God spoke out of heaven, calling out to Abraham to stop [Genesis 22:12].

God saved the boy and the Bible declared that in the mind of Justice, Abraham actually offered his son and got him back in a figure representing the resurrection of Christ [ Hebrews 11:17-19]

Do you know that in the way Abraham was willing to give his only son, his best to God, God gave His best, His Son Jesus for the world [John 3:16] the mountains of Moriah upon which the Lord Jesus was crucified for the sin of the world. That is how significant God’s test of Abraham was.

There are some things God may ask you tos give as an act of faith. But some folks end up not giving it. Don’t be like that.

As a result of Abraham’s obedience, God said. Read Hebrews11:16-17 Isaac was the son of his old age; his was not an adopted son unlike a lot of people, Abraham was not trying to give second best. Or give a worthless thing. It is only this type of giving that receives a reward Abraham trusted God and God said.

Read Genesis 22:18.


At the beginning, after the recreation of the world, God made Adam and Eve, who began to have children after their fall, their first being Cain and Abel. Adam was made in the image and likeness of God, but he fell and took upon him the likeness of Satan, and after his fall he gave birth to children in his own image and likeness.

So Cain, Abel and Seth were born in the image and likeness of Adam, not God. When you read1John and Hebrews, you will find a record of Cain and Abel. That Cain was of the devil but Abel was a man who loved God.

Both of them represented two different generations of men. Abel’s works were righteous and Cain hated him for it. 1John 3:12 so Cain kill Abel and the righteous seed was cut off. Eve later gave birth to Seth, who’s Lineage became that of the righteous seed. Satan always tries to pollute the righteous generations thus why you will always find two different generations in the Bible. Satan also liked to destroy the righteous seed but God just goes right ahead and raise up another. And it was the same purpose the devil had when fallen angels came to marry the daughters of men. The fruit of the union were unnatural men-giants [Genesis 6:1-4].



Apart from the different generations of men that evolved from Adam, s, different generations came from Abraham as well.

God promised giving a son to Abraham but he was moved of the flesh to have a child of the flesh named Ishmael. Isaac the child of promise was later born by Sarah, after the power of the word of God.

Isaac became the heir of the Abrahamic covenant. Isaac married and had two sons; Jacob and Esau and the same thing happens in their lives. Esau takes after the devil and he is called a profane [Hebrews 12:16]. A profane person is one who does not value Spiritual things.

Jacob takes up after God, and he continues the righteous lineage. Esau was profane, and some of the greatest problems that Israel ever had come from were the descendants of Esau – the Eclomites.

But down through the line from Abel you find that God always protected and preserved His own breed; His own generation, that is he kept his righteous generation. Jacob, who was now the beneficiary and custodian of the promise and covenant, went on to have his own children from which the nation of Israel was born.

But Israel broke the covenant of God and God has come up with another generation, that is. The generation of Christ which we are; Praise the Lord. So Christ is a different generation from Israel, but he also is a descendant of Abraham.

The covenant of God with Abraham is and everlasting covenant, Genesis 17:7. Over here God was referring to the children of Israel, the natural descendants and the church; the sons of Abraham according to the Spirit. But the church does not replace the nation of Israel today.

The church and Israel are different generation of Abraham. e.i the church makes up the generation of Christ. The children of Israel are the natural seed of Abraham. But the church is his seed according to the Spirit. [Galatians 3:29].


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