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In the New Testament, we come to realize that God fulfilled His plan for a kingdom of priests. 1Peter 2:5-9. Glory God has fulfilled in Zion the things which He dreamt of. We are holy royal priesthood, both kingly and priestly.

In the Old Testament, there were basically three offices: the prophet, the priest and the king. Under the new covenant; in Zion, God has not only made us priests, also kings.

Revelation 1:6.

He has made us KINGS AND PRIESTS; He is not planning to, He has already made us Glory. Zion is a Kingdom of priests.

 The moment you were born again, you became a priests and a priest is a messenger of God.

In the Old Testament, Aaron was the high Priest and his sons were the priests. Over here in Zion, Jesus is the High Priest and we are the priests.

It is us and Jesus who form the priesthood; the priesthood that has been established after the order of Melchizedec.

Hebrews 3: 1

Hebrews 5: 10

Hebrews 7: 11, 12

Jesus is our High Priest, and we are the priests. And Just as the priests in the old testament had specified responsibilities, we also in the new have duties to perform to God.

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