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Five (5) ways to Balance Confidence with Humility


Five (5) ways to Balance Confidence with Humility

If you want to demonstrate balancing humility with confidence, here are some suggestions from Dr Elmore:

✍️ When in decision-making meetings, argue as if you believe you are right but listen as if you believe you're wrong.

✍️ Remain teachable in new contexts, especially with those on your team. Don't let your confidence prevent you from improving your new ideas.

✍️ Don't confuse confidence with certainty. Even when uncertain, remain clear and transparent.

✍️ Don't let humility become sheepishness (we become preoccupied with our own weaknesses).

✍️ When tempted to boast about what you have achieved, instantly turn your focus to a team member and brag about them. Let someone else do your boasting.

Humility is NOT Weakness

Great leaders know that humility is a skill that secure leaders use to complement their strong and confident style. These leaders are not worried about their image. They know their value and that it isn't about them. They have nothing to prove, nothing to lose, nothing to hide.The mission is what matters most.

these are very fundamental keys to remaining humble but being very confident in one's self.

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A professional Teacher and an IT Instructor, A Niche Blogger, Social Activist, Preacher, and Content Writer. so dedicated to helping others discover their purpose.


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