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Admission for the 2022/2023 academic year is open at the EMPAC Sunyani branch.


Admission requirements:

We accept applicants from all levels of education such as Tertiary graduates, SHS graduates, JHS graduates, ‘O’ Level/‘A ’Level, GBCE, NVTI etc.

Our courses are practical and professional, so the main requirement is your ability to speak and write English.


How to apply:

Applicants should fill out the short application form above this page to apply. A representative from EMPAC will contact you after your application. Kindly ensure you enter your email address and phone number correctly.


Courses under this package:

1.   1. Computer Basic

2.  2.  Blogging

3.   3. Digital marketing

i.                Social media marketing

ii.              Content marketing

iii.            Search Engine Marketing

iv.           Search Engine optimization

v.             Affiliate/CPA marketing

vi.           Viral marketing

4.   4. Web Design

5.  5.  Graphic Design

6.  6.  Digital product creation

7.  7.  Freelancing

8.   8. Entrepreneurship ( E-Business).

       9. Whiteboard Animation (Videography)

9.   10. Cryptocurrency trading (Bonus)


Duration of program:

One (1) year 


For further enquiries, please contact:

0555558213/ 0205263679

[email protected]

[email protected]



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