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 Empac – Emperors Academy, an I.T training centre in Ghana, has open admission for online cryptocurrency trading and investment program.

Cryptocurrency trading and investment have become a topic of great interest because many people became rich overnight by trading or investing in cryptocurrency.

The main problem with many beginners is the many scams out there. Many beginners fall for scams that make them lose their hard-earned money instead of making a profit.


This cryptocurrency trading course will take you from the very beginning to the advanced level. The course is an online course, so you can study on your own schedule by watching online videos and engaging in live zoom classes.

With this EMPAC cryptocurrency course, you will get the right knowledge and understanding of the cryptocurrency concept and invest rightly.

This course is a must-have for everybody.

This complete cryptocurrency trading course will take you from the very beginning to the advanced level.


Admission requirements:

The main requirement is your ability to read and write English and your interest in cryptocurrency.


How to apply:

Applicants should fill out the short application form above this page to apply. A representative from EMPAC will contact you after your application. Kindly ensure you enter your email address and phone number correctly.


Course Duration:

Six (8) weeks. (16 classes)


A one time fee of $19.99 or GHS 137 or  8276.91 Naira.

You can pay your fee through the link below:

Admission is guaranteed!



For further enquiries, please contact: 0245448434

[email protected]


[email protected]




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