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Five (5) steps to becoming more authentic



        Understand your strengths and weaknesses. The more aware you are of where you are strong and where you are not, the more authentic you will come across to others.

        Authentic people share openly about their struggles, challenges, and setbacks. They are vulnerable around the people on their team. This vulnerability displays courage and promotes an empathetic communication style that pulls people toward them, not pushing them away.

        Increase your tendency to open up.  Develop a daily practice of self-reflection. When you reflect on the strengths and struggles of your day, you increase your compassion for the struggles that others may be having.

        Living your values. Authentic people are clear on their personal values and live them out every day. Your values drive your behavior. If you value honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, etc., you are more likely to put forth the real you, not the perfect you.

        Embrace a growth mindset. If you have a growth mindset, you do not think you have already arrived—you know it’s a journey, and you are still growing and learning. Remaining teachable helps you lower your perfectionistic shield and be open to learning and experiencing new things.

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A professional Teacher and an IT Instructor, A Niche Blogger, Social Activist, Preacher, and Content Writer. so dedicated to helping others discover their purpose.

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