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Mauritius-Africa Scholarships 2022


Mauritius-Africa Scholarships: African students of the accompanying 21 nations can benefit themselves of the Mauritius-Africa Scholarships Scheme: Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, Ghana, Nigeria, Madagascar, Seychelles, Rwanda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia, Republic of Congo, Gabon, South Sudan, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Comoros.


Mauritius-Africa Scholarships - Financial Conditions of the Award/Value of the Studentship

The Government of Mauritius will give to studentship recipients a month-to-month living recompense of Rs 8,300 (USD 266 approx.) and will meet educational expenses at the degree of Rs 100,000 (USD 3205 approx.) yearly.

Mauritius-Africa Scholarships - Admission in a University in Mauritius

•       To be qualified for this studentship, students more likely than not got a contingent proposal in a course at undergrad or postgraduate certificate level at the University. The duplicate of the letter of a contingent deal should be submitted alongside the application.

•       Up-and-comers ought to demonstrate in their applications the name of the organization and the title and course code of the program to which they have been conceded.

•       Competitors ought to guarantee that the confirmed duplicates of declarations, records of auxiliary school results, mark sheets connecting with their capabilities are submitted alongside their applications for a studentship. Non-accommodation of these records will bring about the disposal from the honor of the studentship.

•       All applications should be made through the Ministry of Education or the same Ministry of the nation of the candidate, on the recommended design with the essential supporting records.

•       All applications are to incorporate a clinical report and a without aids testament before the studentship is supported.

•       Self - financing competitors previously considering in Mauritius in an undergrad program won't be changed over into studentships.

•       The studentship holders would be expected to sign an endeavor to get back to their nation of origin when the studentship reaches a conclusion.

•       The applicants, once chose, ought to:

1.     Be accessible to initiate their scholarly examinations in Mauritius by the beginning of the scholastic year of the particular organization where they have been conceded;

2.     Be going to full-time and nearby (not distance learning) program;

3.     Not be in receipt of a full charge studentship from some other source;

4.     Be ready to pay any remaining expenses not covered by the studentship.

Mauritius-Africa Scholarships - Duration of the Award and Age Limits

•       As long as 4 years relying upon the course span

•       To be qualified for the scholarship competitors ought not be over 25 years old.


Mauritius-Africa Scholarships - Tuition Fees and Course Related Costs

•       An arrangement of up to Rs 100,000 (USD 3205 approx.) yearly will be distributed to every recipient for this studentship to meet educational expenses and related course costs.

•       Competitors could be permitted to take a different path or establishment thinking about their installment limit past the scholarship furthest reaches of Rs 100,000 (USD 3205 approx.), given that the students have not yet set out on the program or no assets have been dispensed.


Living Allowance - Mauritius-Africa Scholarships

•       A comprehensive living stipend will be paid at a supported pace of Rs 8,300 (USD 266 approx.) month to month for full scholastic year and recharged upon accommodation of proof from the University of having effectively selected for next scholarly year for everyday costs. No allowance will be delivered during any time of get-away take off from abroad with the exception of the house lease which ought not be for over two months.

•       Awardees should illuminate the Tertiary Education Commission and the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology in the event that they need to leave Mauritius for any private explanation or in any case. During the time of their visit outside Mauritius, they won't be qualified to the allowance.

Go to Mauritius

•       Worldwide air travel (Economy class-understudy charge) by the most affordable course toward the beginning and end of studentship as it were.

•       Students ought to illuminate the university or foundation to which they have been conceded to their itinerary well ahead of time.


Clinical and Travel Insurance

•       Courses of action for Medical and Travel protection in Mauritius should be borne by the actual students.

•       Students will approach public emergency clinics for clinical treatment.


•       Understudy visa will be set up for and gave by the Government of Mauritius.

•       Students ought to guarantee that they get their visa, on the off chance that a visa is expected, to enter Mauritius and should look for a full preparation on Mauritius' day to day environments, the subtleties of the program and the foundation that they will join in.



Students should have a substantial identification for the span of the course applied for.



•       Students should make earlier plans with their preferred University in Mauritius concerning convenience offices accessible and make courses of action in like manner.

•       The Institution getting the understudy should make every one of the vital courses of action to work with the visa, gathering at the air terminal and help the understudy to get a suitable convenience.


Submission of Annual progress report

•       Students should submit yearly/scholarly advancement reports for a continuation of studentship installments.

•       A half-yearly report on the students ought to be submitted to the Study Mauritius Office of the Ministry of Tertiary Education, Science, Research and Technology by the foundation concerned.



•       Students who decide to have their close relatives go along with them in Mauritius will be answerable for their monetary help.

•       Assuming that an understudy chooses to get back to his/her country before the consummation of the source, he/she wouldn't be qualified for a bring entry back. The consumption ought to be met by the understudy himself/herself.

•       The understudy won't be qualified for a discount of any costs connected with his/her movement outside Mauritius during get-away or the length of the course.



Applications for additional grants

•       No application for extra awards will be engaged by the Government of Mauritius.

•       For students who are seeking after science courses, the consumption on lab synthetic substances and other coincidental costs ought to be borne without anyone else.


Hands-on work/Leave to work away

Any expense relating to hands-on work or leave should be borne by the understudy.


Renewal of Studentship

•       Studentships are given consistently to students subject to the fruitful culmination of every time of the study.

•       The Government of Mauritius will cease the studentship installment in the event that the understudy bombs his assessment and the same will be recharged on accommodation of having succeeded his/her assessment.



Students may not embrace paid work during the time of their studentship grant without earlier endorsement.


End of studentship

A studentship might be ended out of the blue because of reasons of inadmissible lead, progress, or participation.

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