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Future Journalism Teacher Scholarships, 2023 opened.


Image Credit: JEA Awards

Future Journalism Teacher Scholarships

Each recipient must be enrolled in a program leading to a junior, senior, or master's degree and be prepared to teach at the secondary school level. Also eligible are current secondary school journalism teachers enrolled in a degree program to develop their teaching abilities.


Each awardee is required to complete the application and submit the following 


1.     A 250word essay outlining why the applicant wants to teach journalism in high school.

2.     The responses to the three questions at the application's bottom.

3.     Two letters of recommendation, preferably from individuals with 

firsthand experience of the applicant's work with student journalists, and college 

transcripts outlining the applicant's grade point average.

4.     The decision will be made by a group made up of educators and university staff 

      participating in journalism teacher preparation.

5.   Scholarships will be given out by the beginning of September. The winners will be 

      revealed during the JEA/NSPA National High School 
Journalism Convention in the fall and on the JEA website.

6.     Following the announcement of the winners, the scholarship check is delivered to the 

      student's college or university account.



The Journalism Education Association sponsors up to two $1,000 scholarships for education majors who intend to teach scholastic journalism.


How to apply: Applications are due July 15, 2023.


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