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MathMods Joint MSc programme (Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics, Applications), Europe

MathMods Joint MSc programme (Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics, Applications), Europe


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MathMods Joint MSc programme (Mathematical Modelling in Engineering: Theory, Numerics, Applications), Europe


Location: Nice, France              Deadline2nd March 2023     

FieldsMathematics.                 Qualification: Bachelors



MathMods is a 2-year Joint Master Degree programme in Mathematical Modelling in Engineering run by three European universities based in L'Aquila (Italy), Hamburg (Germany) and Nice (France) - in a word, The MathMods Consortium. 

The Consortium can also count on the collaboration with associated academic institutions (in Hamburg, Germany, and in L'Aquila, Italy), and can rely on the effective support of several companies, research institutes and non-profit organizations in different aspects of the project.


Academic Requirements

Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Physics, Engineering or other similar fields with a very strong mathematical background (BS, BSc, SB, etc. or a degree at the same level as an academic Bachelor's Degree, e.g. it's equivalent from a college, university, or technical school of high standing, or 180 ECTS credits in the European system).

Students in the final year of their undergraduate study can be admitted on condition that their Bachelor's degree is awarded before the enrolment in the MathMods MSc, namely before 15 August.


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Checklist Of Mandatory Documents to Be Submitted with The Application

All applicants will have to submit the following mandatory documents through the online application form before the deadlines:

·        Electronic copy (.pdf) of your passport (or ID card for European applicants). No valid passport yet? You are allowed to temporarily submit an equivalent ID document (valid in your country to prove your identity) as long as you submit a valid ID/passport before August 15.

·        Electronic copy (.pdf) of your CV (Only use the Europass template available here:;

·        Electronic copy (.pdf) of your full academic transcript with records for each single attended course and with the list of courses still to be attended to gain your bachelor's degree;

·        Electronic copy (.pdf) of a file containing a description of the attended courses you consider relevant for your application, especially the courses related to Mathematics and Physics. Only use this template. As this is not a document usually issued by universities, applicants have to fill in that file by themselves as self-certification;

·        Electronic copy (.pdf) of an English certificate (click here for more info).

·        Two academic reference letters, to be submitted by two different referees only via our online Reference system (the link and the instructions can be found in the application form).

·        For all the above documents, in case they are not written in English, please upload an official English translation, or a translation provided and signed by the Institution awarding the Bachelor's Degree and (if possible) by a native English speaker academic full Professor or by an academic full Professor in the English language (with full contacts included);

·        Electronic copy (.pdf) of a letter of intent (also known as motivation letter), describing your interest in the subjects related to the proposed fields of study. The letter can be addressed to the MathMods Evaluation Committee. There is no particular template to follow, but you must not exceed one page - extra pages will not be evaluated.

Additional documents might be submitted only if closely related to the proposed field of study.



1.    Scholarships By the University of L'aquila

By submitting your application before March 3, 2022 (1 pm Italy time), you will automatically be considered for scholarships provided by the University of L'Aquila worth EUR 8,500 to finance your Year 1 on MathMods. 

In the last two years, 3 scholarships at least per year have been provided to our MathMods students

Such scholarships are reserved for students who will be spending their MathMods Year 2 in L'Aquila

2.    Erasmus+ Scholarships

All MathMods students can benefit from Erasmus+ scholarships (augmented by a special fund by the Italian Ministry of Education known as Fondo Giovani) managed by the University of L'Aquila, to finance as many as 12 months spent on mobility abroad. This means that such a scholarship will fully cover your Semester 2 in Hamburg as well as your Semester 3 in Nice/Hamburg.

Detailed information about how to apply and what such funding may cover, will be provided during the first semester.

All in all, such scholarships (Erasmus+ and Fondo Giovani) are expected to award our students up to EUR 800 per month for 12 months at most.

Note that this scholarship is compatible with the "Scholarship by the University of L'Aquila" sketched above.


Other Funding Opportunities

For the 2023 intake students may also benefit from several funding opportunities available in our partner universities. Detailed information about how to apply and what such funding may cover, will be emailed to applicants when the selection is complete.

To give an idea, you may find below details about the funding opportunities available to students of the 2021 cohort.

In their Year1 & Year2 they have all been receiving by the Abruzzo Region:

An average of 2,000 EUR per year as an allowance

Up to 1,500 EUR per year as rent reimbursement

Free meals at UAQ canteens.


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