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List of social impact fellowships open for applications!

List of social impact fellowships open for applications!

details of List of social impact fellowships open for applications!

List of Social Impact Fellowships opens for applications 2023!


In general, internships and fellowships are breeding grounds for new possibilities and connections. Since there is a time limit on these opportunities, make sure to maximize your encounters. Attend community events in your host country to meet more people in your field. Ask your supervisor if you can shadow someone at a partner organization to see how they operate. Scour the internet (using Eventbrite and Facebook) for professional development opportunities such as conferences or summits. Meet other employees and interns in departments outside of yours.  


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Also, don’t be afraid to get to know your co-workers! A large part of building community while you’re in a fellowship or internship is familiarizing yourself with the office and work culture. You never know who you’ll meet or what kind of connections you will put to use back home or if you stay abroad. To maintain personal and professional contacts before, during, and after your internship or fellowship, use tools like LinkedIn to stay in touch with people and build your network. 

Below are 17 fellowships and their application links you can take advantage of provided you meet their eligibility. Share with friends to help them.

1. Gandhi Fellowship

2. Journalist Fellowship Programme at the Reuters Institute

3. Teach For India Fellowship

4. Second Chance Fellowship for Prison Reform

5. Ashoka Fellowship

6. 3CS Media Fellowship

7. AIF Banyan Impact Fellowship

8. Bhumi Fellowship

9. Y. Eva Tan Conservation Reporting Fellowship Program

10. Dalberg Design Fellowships

11. Fulbright Nehru Fellowship

12. Henry Arnhold Fellowship

13. The/Nudge Indian Administrative Fellowship

14. Naropa Fellowship

15. Tech Congress Fellowship

16. TechnoServe Fellowship

17. WISE Emerging Leaders



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