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World Trade Organization Essay Award 2023(a prize of CHF 5,000 and Fully Funded trip to UK)

World Trade Organization Essay Award 2023(a prize of CHF 5,000 and Fully Funded trip to UK)

World Trade Organization Essay Award 2023(a prize of CHF 5,000 and Fully Funded trip to UK)

World Trade Organization Essay Award 2023(a prize of CHF 5,000 and Fully Funded trip to UK)


WTO Essay Award 2023 is an amazing opportunity for outstanding writers who believe in their excellent writing skills. Your essay paper must address the issues related to trade, trade policy, and international trade cooperation. It should cover all the aspects related to the concerned issue and provide feasible solutions to overcome through viable strategies.

The young economists are encouraged to apply for this award and get the chance to win the funded trip to the United Kingdom. Moreover, a cash prize of CHF 5,000 is also granted to the winning authors, along with their publication at the international forum.

The International Essay competition in the UK aims to promote premium quality research on trade policy and international trade cooperation. Moreover, this global European award aims to reinforce the connection between the WTO and the educational community in a far better way.

This opportunity would be an incredible one for those who are responsible for executing trade policy. Further, if you want to know the current issues of world trade, want to be aware of how negotiations are made while conducting trade and contribute to solving these issues, you should take advantage of the opportunity

The University of Surrey in the UK will organize the three-day award ceremony. It is recognized as one of the best research universities in England. It is a global community of people who are committed to life-changing education and research. It has a beautiful and vibrant campus where students are empowered to gain personal and professional development.


World Trade Organization, sponsoring the Essay Award, is the only international organization that deals with the standards of trade between nations. WTO aims to ensure a smoother trade flow by making delivery easier and more accessible. Moreover, while acting as a forum for negotiating trade agreements, WTO acts as a mediator to settle disputes between nations.

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You must know that WTO is a huge name whose purpose is to facilitate open trade for the benefit of all. It administers WTO trade agreements, monitors national trade policies, provides technical assistance and training to developing nations, and cooperates with other international organizations and multilateral institutions on global economic policy formulation.


It has over 160 member states that make up 98% of world trade. An exceptional growth in world trade has been seen over the past few years, and merchandise exports have grown by 6% per annum on average. Each member has been guaranteed that its exports will be treated fairly and consistently in any opposite market.

WTO Essay Award 2023/ Fully Funded Trip to UK:

Host Country:

United Kingdom

Host Organization:

World Trade Organization (WTO).


Program Duration:

The duration of the World Trade Organization Essay Award 2023 Is for three days, from September 14, 2023, to September 16, 2023.


Benefits of the WTO Essay Award 2023/ Fully Funded Trip to UK:

·        The author of the winning essay will get the award of CHF 5,000.

·        The winning paper will be announced at the annual meeting of the European Trade Study Group.

·        The funding to attend the award ceremony in the UK is granted.

·        Eligibility Criteria of the WTO Essay Award 2023:

·        Your essay should address the issues pertaining to trade policy.

·        Your essay should address the issues pertaining to international trade cooperation.

·        Your essay should not exceed 15,000 words.

·        You should be engaged in the completion of a PhD degree if under 30 years of age.

·        If you are over 30 years of age, you should not have passed more than two years in completion of the degree.


How to Apply for the WTO Essay Award 2023?

Students should send the submissions to [email protected].

The pdf format of the asked documents should be sent.

Ensure to provide the supporting documents, required in the application form.

Submissions for the WTO Essay Competition 2023:

CV, demonstrating current affiliations. academic institution awarding the Ph.D. degree, the year of the Ph.D., and the date of birth.


Application Deadline:

The application deadline is June 02, 2023.




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