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150 International & 90 Domestic Masters Scholarships, University of Calabria, Italy

University of Calabria will award 150 scholarships to foreign students enrolled in the 10 International Master's Degrees for 2023/2024 Academic year

Calabaria, Italy


150 International & 90 Domestic Masters Scholarships, University of Calabria, Italy

For the academic year 2023-2024, the University of Calabria will award 150 scholarships to foreign students enrolled in the 10 International Master's Degrees, taught in English and 90 scholarships to the 30 Master's Degrees, taught in Italian. The scholarship includes tuition fees, and winners also benefited from free services, such as board and lodging, and a € 2500/3000 allowance.

What is Unical Admission?

Unical  Admission is a public selection process for early admission of Extra-EU students, living abroad, to English/Italian courses with reserved positions for international students: 2nd Cycle Degree Courses (Two Years’ Master’s Degrees).

UNICAL ADMISSION CALL  is NOW OPEN  -  How to apply - Deadline: April 12, 2023 


2nd Cycle International Degree Courses (Two Years’ Master’s Degrees):

See the call

Lee la convocatoria

Vedi bando di ammissione

2nd Cycle Degree Courses (Two Years’ Master’s Degrees):

See the call

Lee la convocatoria

Vedi bando di ammissione

The University of Calabria, registration is open to international students for Three-Year and Single Cycle degrees.

Non-EU citizens will have the necessary time to obtain an entry visa and apply for scholarships.

International students interested in the three-year and single-cycle master’s degree programs of the University of Calabria can participate in the admission phase regulated by the call for applications for the academic year 2023/2024.


By registering now, non-European citizens living abroad and having a valid foreign qualification in Italy, will have time to complete the entry visa procedure. Unical thus strengthens its commitment in the field of internationalization by anticipating and simplifying the enrolment process for foreign students, who have shown over the years a growing interest in the educational offer of the university. Consider the over 5,000 requests received in 2022 from 90 different countries.


Scholarships for Three-Year and Single Cycle degrees

International students will have access to the call for applications for the right to study, which will be published on the Unical portal at the end of June 2023. Every year, Unical grants more than 6,000 scholarships, consisting of an amount in money, accommodation and university canteen services, and tax exemption. An international student has - equal treatment with Italian students - access to the services and benefits for the right to study. International students, with families and incomes produced abroad, must apply to the CAF qualified for the issue of the ISEE Parificato certificate.

The University of Calabria offers all international prospective students an  Italian Language Course for free

 Deadline: 12th April 2023

Apply HERE

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