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Global Excellence Scholarship, University of Dundee, United Kingdom

If you have demonstrated excellence through your academic activities, we want to reward you for it.


University Of Dundee

Global Excellence Scholarship, University of Dundee, United Kingdom



£6,000 per year of study

Level of study
Postgraduate, Undergraduate

Starting date
18 September 2023

Expires on: 08/31/2023



To be considered for a scholarship, you must:

·        Have submitted an application to study at the University of Dundee for September 2023, and received an Offer for a full-time, on-campus Course. Please see our Terms and Conditions for exclusions.

·        Have achieved either a 1st Class Honours Degree (if you are a Postgraduate Taught applicant), or BBB at A-Level (if you are an Undergraduate applicant). Grade equivalencies for international qualifications are determined by the University of Dundee. 

·        Hold International Fee Status as determined by the University of Dundee, which is communicated in your Offer letter.

·        Not hold any other University of Dundee Scholarships. 





·        Accounting

·        Aerospace Engineering

·        Agricultural Science

·        Agricultural Science

·        Anthropology

·        Archaeology and Ancient History

·        Architecture and Design

·        Artificial Intelligence

·        Arts and Culture

·        Astrophysics

·        Banking and Finance

·        Biochemistry

·        Biological Sciences

·        Biology

·        Biomedical Science

·        Building Technology

·        Business and Economics

·        Chemical Engineering

·        Chemistry

·        Civil Engineering

·        Computer Engineering

·        Computer Science

·        Criminology

·        Data Science

·        Dentistry

·        Ecology

·        Economics

·        Education

·        Engineering

·        Environmental Science

·        Epidemiology

·        Forestry

·        Geography

·        Geosciences

·        Health Science

·        History

·        History of Art and Film

·        Humanities

·        IT

·        Journalism

·        Journalism

·        Law

·        Library

·        Linguistics

·        Literature

·        Machine Learning

·        Management

·        Marketing

·        Material Engineering

·        Material Science

·        Mathematics

·        Mechanical Engineering

·        Media

·        Medicine

·        Microbiology

·        Modern Languages

·        Museum Studies

·        Music

·        Neurobiology

·        Neuroscience

·        Nursing

·        Peace and Conflict

·        Pharmaceutical Science

·        Philosophy

·        Physics

·        Physiology

·        Political Science

·        Politics and International Relations

·        Psychiatry

·        Psychology

·        Public Health

·        Public Policy

·        Science

·        Social Science

·        Social Welfare

·        Social work

·        Sociology

·        Space Science

·        Sport Science

·        Theology

·        Wild-life management

·        Zoology


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