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2023 University Of California African Legal Impact Scholarship for Africans.

2023 University Of California African Legal Impact Scholarship for Africans.


2023 University Of California African Legal Impact Scholarship for Africans.


2023 University Of California African Legal Impact Scholarship for Africans.


The African Legal Impact Scholarship has been meticulously crafted to serve as a beacon of encouragement for prospective students from the African continent who aspire to pursue advanced legal education at the esteemed University of California, Berkeley. Given the constraints of limited funding resources, it is with regret that this scholarship program can extend its support to only two exceptional applicants annually.


The University of California, Berkeley, known for its academic excellence and commitment to fostering global diversity, proudly offers the African Legal Impact Scholarship. This distinctive scholarship program is thoughtfully designed to actively encourage aspiring legal scholars from the African continent to embark on a transformative journey of advanced legal education at one of the world’s foremost institutions.


In line with its unwavering dedication to fostering global inclusivity, UC Berkeley, through the African Legal Impact Scholarship, extends a warm invitation to exceptional individuals who seek to advance their legal expertise while hailing from the vibrant and diverse continent of Africa. The scholarship serves as a testament to the university’s commitment to making quality legal education accessible to aspiring scholars from all corners of the world.


The scholarship’s unique character lies in its limited availability. In recognition of the challenges posed by finite financial resources, the African Legal Impact Scholarship extends its valuable support to only two remarkable applicants each year. As such, it embraces a highly competitive nature, offering this prestigious opportunity to the most outstanding legal minds hailing from African nations.


While the scholarship may be limited in number, its impact is immeasurable. It enables selected recipients to undertake advanced legal studies at UC Berkeley, fostering the growth of promising legal professionals from Africa. These individuals are not only afforded the privilege of enriching their legal knowledge at a renowned institution but are also equipped to return to their home countries and effect positive changes within their legal systems.


In essence, the African Legal Impact Scholarship embodies UC Berkeley’s broader mission of promoting global diversity, inclusivity, and the cultivation of legal excellence. It serves as a beacon for talented legal scholars from Africa, empowering them to become influential changemakers in the legal field, both within their nations and on the international stage. Though limited in number, the impact of this scholarship resonates far beyond the Berkeley campus, leaving an indelible mark on the legal landscape of Africa and the world.


The University of California (UC) is a distinguished public university system renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, research innovation, and contributions to global knowledge. Established in 1868, the UC system encompasses multiple campuses and is regarded as one of the leading higher education institutions not only in the United States but around the world.


With its ten campuses located throughout the state of California, the UC system provides a wide array of academic programs, fostering diversity, inclusivity, and educational opportunities. Each UC campus has its unique strengths, and collectively they offer a broad spectrum of academic disciplines, from the sciences and humanities to engineering, business, and the arts.


UC’s dedication to research excellence is evidenced by its numerous achievements in various fields, including scientific discoveries, technological advancements, and contributions to social and environmental well-being. The university’s faculty and students are at the forefront of groundbreaking research and have made significant impacts on global knowledge and progress.



·      This is a full-tuition waiver.

·      Recipients will be responsible for paying only the $1,000 seat deposit, plus travel and living expenses.

Requirements For The University Of California African Legal Impact Scholarship

African Legal Impact LL.M Scholarship awards are based on:


·      Citizenship or primary residence in Africa

·      Academic merit

·      A Statement of Intention describing what the scholarship recipient plans on accomplishing in Africa after graduating from the LL.M. professional track

·      Students must be admitted to the LL.M. professional track program before they can apply for this scholarship. Scholarship application instructions will be provided to eligible admitted students.

·      Recipients must maintain a minimum grade standard of ‘P’ (pass) or higher in all classes during the first semester in order to maintain scholarship eligibility during the second semester.


Application Deadlines:


1st November 2023 for option A (spring start)

18th December 2023 for option B (summer start)


Method of Application

Application Deadline: December 18, 2023


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