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Erasmus Mundus Master in Impact Entrepreneurship Programme 2024.

Erasmus Mundus Master in Impact Entrepreneurship Programme 2024.


Erasmus Mundus Master in Impact Entrepreneurship Programme 2024.


The Erasmus Mundus Master in Impact Entrepreneurship (EMMIE) is a pioneering academic program generously funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master (EMJM) initiative. This esteemed initiative is aimed at providing financial support to exceptional students who aspire to make a meaningful contribution to the transformation of our society into a more sustainable and inclusive world, driven by innovative entrepreneurial projects.


EMMIE stands as a beacon for those individuals who are passionate about creating positive societal impact through entrepreneurship. This master’s program is meticulously designed to not only equip students with essential entrepreneurial skills but also instill in them a distinctive mindset that goes beyond conventional entrepreneurship. EMMIE fosters a profound understanding of purpose, emphasizing the “Why?” behind entrepreneurial endeavors, and promotes a holistic consideration of stakeholders in the business model.


A remarkable aspect of EMMIE is its commitment to diversity and interdisciplinarity. Impact entrepreneurship demands creative and multifaceted approaches to address complex challenges. As such, the program actively seeks candidates from diverse academic backgrounds, drawing from a broad spectrum of disciplines. The ultimate goal is to identify and enroll the most brilliant and passionate individuals who are driven by an unwavering desire to contribute to the creation of a better world.


In essence, EMMIE represents a unique opportunity for aspiring change-makers and social innovators to embark on a transformative educational journey. Through this program, students not only gain the knowledge and skills necessary to drive entrepreneurial projects but also cultivate a profound sense of purpose and responsibility towards society. EMMIE is a testament to the European Commission’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of impact-driven entrepreneurs who will lead the way in building a more sustainable and inclusive world.



In getting exposed to Impact entrepreneurship, participants will develop their ability to constantly manage the right balance between People, Planet, and Profit. To bring, on the market, entrepreneurial projects pretending to have a significant impact on some of the 17 SDGs, participants will acquire:


·      A deep understanding of the challenges that need to be addressed;

·      Relevant methodologies to analyze the ecosystems related to these challenges;

·      A smart strategy to identify the most effective leverages to act in order to optimize the impact;

·      The use of specific business models that fits the 3Ps approach.

Requirements For the Erasmus Mundus Master in Impact Entrepreneurship Programme

·      The EMMIE program is open to individuals of all academic backgrounds and of all nationalities. Individuals must be present on-site and in-person for the full duration of the 18-month program.

·      Candidates must have completed at minimum an undergraduate degree with a minimum of 240 ECTS.

·      Candidates must submit a copy of their final transcript and university degrees in order to be eligible for the upcoming cohort. Candidates who are currently completing their degree and have not completed their final exams prior to the application deadline are not eligible.

·      The program is of an interdisciplinary nature and therefore, there are no disciplinary requirements set to have a diploma from a particular field of study. All fields of academic study are welcome to apply.

·      The 2023 program starts in Zagreb on the 1st of September 2023. Each student is free to arrive in Zagreb when they wish, however, scholarship funding will begin on the first day of the program. Students are suggested to arrive prior to the program start date to ensure they have sufficient time to register with the Croatian government and complete administrative duties.


Selection Criteria For Erasmus Mundus Master in Impact Entrepreneurship (EMMIE) 2024-2026 Cohort


All applications are subjected to an initial review to ensure eligibility requirements are met and documentation submitted is complete.  Applications are then reviewed by members of the EMMIE selection committee with representatives of all hosting institutions and the final selection is based on consensus agreement. The selection procedure is based on academic qualifications, with a focus on the following indicators:


·      Academic background

·      Motivation letter

·      Language skills

·      Entrepreneurial experience and/or ongoing projects.

·      Documents Required for Application


The following documents will be required to complete an application:


·      An English translation of your passport AND of your birth certificate (if available)*. Please upload these documents together in a PDF.

·      A photo (jpeg format).

·      A current CV in English (please use the Europass CV format:  The CV should include academic studies, employment history, certificates or awards received in the past 5 years, etc.

·      A personal motivation letter in English outlining why you are interested in the EMMIE program and ideas for the start-up company which will be developed during the program (maximum 2 pages).

·      A copy of all higher education diplomas (Bachelor’s degree AND Master’s degree if applicable) AND a transcript of records in ENGLISH. All documents must be officially certified by the issuing institution. A certified English translation will be required for successful candidates when applying for international travel documents. *

·      An English Language Proficiency test/document for individuals who have not successfully completed a full university degree in English.

·      TOEFL and IELTS tests are accepted, Duolingo tests will not be accepted. The English proficiency minimum across all competencies is a minimum of B2, however, C1 is highly recommended.

·      If your higher education degree was fully taught in English, the language proficiency test is not required.

·      If you are applying for a scholarship, please describe your interest in a full or partial scholarship (1 page maximum).

·      Two recommendation letters were written by two different individuals. Letters must be submitted in English. Academic and/or professional references are acceptable. Letters from co-workers, family, and friends are not accepted.

·      OPTIONAL: If you already have a well-developed entrepreneurial project that you plan to implement during your master’s, please provide a short (one-page) description addressing: (1) the problem you plan to address; (2) the solution you wish to implement, and (3) the current state of development of your project.

·      If you live in a country other than that of our passport/nationality (for example, you have a Canadian passport but live in Belgium), an official document issued within 12 months of the submission deadline showing your place of residence must be submitted. The place of residence could be verified based on the provision of the documents listed on the PRADO website ( if it mentions a place of residence and is dated. If this is not the case, an applicant can send any other document considered appropriate. For example:

– a residence certificate issued in accordance with the candidate’s municipality’s normal registration rules;

– a certificate from the candidate’s place of work, study, or training issued by the employer or institution in question.

In the absence of such documents, alternatives such as renting contracts, and phone and electricity bills may be requested.


Method of Application

Visit The Official Website to Apply


All applications go through the same selection process regardless of the student’s gender. However, for students who are at the same level and have the same qualifications, priority will be given to under-represented genders. Students with special needs are encouraged to apply to the program and should inform the administrative coordinator upon application, to allow us to take the necessary measures of care if the student is finally admitted to the program.


Application Deadline: May 31, 2024.


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