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Fully Funded University of Toronto (U of T) Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme in Canada 2024/2025.

Fully Funded University of Toronto (U of T) Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme in Canada 2024/2025.

Fully Funded University of Toronto (U of T) Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme in Canada 2024/2025.

Fully Funded University of Toronto (U of T) Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme in Canada 2024/2025.

The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Toronto (U of T) is a prestigious initiative that offers fully funded scholarships for graduate studies at one of Canada’s leading and most renowned institutions of learning, research, and knowledge creation. U of T stands proudly as a world-class research-intensive university, committed to pioneering innovations and driving advancements in various fields of study.


This program is specially designed to empower prospective scholars by enhancing their capabilities and expanding their professional networks, with a particular focus on preparing them for careers in diverse healthcare professions and healthcare ecosystems across the African continent. By providing access to quality education and fostering an environment of academic excellence, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at U of T aims to equip these scholars with the knowledge and skills needed to make significant contributions to the healthcare sector.


Upon successful completion of their studies, it is anticipated that the Scholars will return to their home countries, bringing with them the wealth of knowledge and expertise they have gained during their time at U of T. These highly skilled individuals are expected to play pivotal roles in their countries, either by engaging in self-employment ventures or by working in various health-related professions. Their mission is to drive positive change and promote improved health outcomes, ultimately contributing to the betterment of their communities and countries. This program exemplifies the transformative power of education and its potential to create a lasting impact on the African healthcare landscape.



In 2024/2025, we will be accepting applications to one of the following areas:


The University of Toronto (U of T) is collaborating with eight leading African universities to support their efforts to train and prepare young professionals for the meaningful work of growing African health sectors, with an emphasis on employment opportunities for women.


The African Higher Education Health Collaborative partners include:


·      Addis Ababa University(opens in a new tab)

·      Ashesi University(opens in a new tab)

·      African Institute for Mathematical Sciences(opens in a new tab)

·      African Leadership University (opens in a new tab)

·      Amref International University/Amref Health Africa(opens in a new tab)

·      Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(opens in a new tab)

·      Moi University(opens in a new tab)

·      University of Cape Town

Eligibility Requirements For The University of Toronto Mastercard Foundation Scholars Programme

The Toronto MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme is open to you if you are a resident and citizen of a Sub-Saharan Africa country. You must be a first-time applicant to the University of Toronto who has not yet begun university study elsewhere. If you are a transfer student, you are not eligible for the Program.


In order to be eligible for the Toronto MasterCard Foundation Scholars Programme, you must:


·      be a resident and a graduating high school student of a country within Sub-Saharan Africa;

·      demonstrate financial need correspondent to that of the lowest two quintiles of your country;

·      have very strong academic results within your school system;

·      have a record of leadership and extracurricular involvement;

·      maintain a strong desire to return to Africa to assist and work towards enhanced regional socioeconomic development;

·      be graduating from a recognized secondary school, or have completed the necessary academic requirements; and

·      fulfill the necessary English requirements (dependent on country);



Scholars in the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at U of T are provided with full financial assistance for tuition, travel expenses to Canada (including obtaining a passport, visa application fees), housing, course materials, health insurance, laptop, food, books, and other expenses for the duration of their graduate degrees.


Method of Application

A completed application includes the following components:


·      A completed online application – all applicable sections must be filled out, including contact information, financial information, personal details and responses to essay questions.

·      Financial documents – upload a scanned copy of financial documentation.

·      Transcript – upload a scanned copy of your secondary school transcript and any other academic information.

·      Two references – provide the names and contact details of two individuals who will serve as your referees. We will contact your referees directly and ask them to submit their letter of reference through a secure website.

Application Deadline: 10th December 2023


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