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United Nations Youth Association Ghana (UNYA-GH) opens application for YGI Executive Arm of Government


Call For Applications

United Nations Youth Association Ghana (UNYA-GH) through its flagship Youth Government Initiative (YGI) is recruiting energetic interested individuals from across Ghana to participate in the second YGI Executive Arm of Government. 


1. Be a registered General Volunteer of UNYA-GH. 

2. Apply online via;

3. Application Selection Team will contact you with way forward activities.

4. Prepare for vetting process. 

5. Subsequent qualified Applicants will undergo induction, orientation and commission to duty processes. 

Closing Date: 24th January, 2022 at 1800 GMT 

For details kindly contact; 0249478734/ 0201476896/ 0549332207 / 0540651414 

Connect with UNYA-GH on;  Facebook and Telegram.

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  1. Always informative, good efforts bro. We move...
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